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Seattle, WA

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She has a Karelian Bear Dog.

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Gamertag origin

It was a nickname that her brother gave her when they were going through their mom's yearbook and saw that it had been the nickname of someone that she had gone to school with.

How they got into gaming

GubbaTV has been gaming since she was a toddler and her parents bought her and her brother an NES. She played various Super Mario Bros. games, among others, when she was small and still has a soft spot for them. As she got older she became more of a PC gamer and played a variety of games from different genres until she fell in love with Fortnite when she tried it out soon after it released in October 2017.

How they got into streaming

She began streaming shortly after her brother introduced her to Twitch in late March 2015 because she had been a fan of YouTubers for a while and thought that it looked like fun. Her channel grew pretty quickly, so that she decided that it was worth risking leaving her waitressing job in favor of attempting a career as a full time streamer in June that year and was partenered a month later.

Stream overview

She is known for her comedy skits, fps skills and constantly changing her hair color, as well as her long chat sessions with her community. She also creates skits of various personalities including: “Gubba Swift” (singer), “Gubba Fortune” (clairvoyant), “Gubba Chef” (gourmet cook), “Gub Librarian,” “Ger Ger Binks,” and 'Gubba the game show host'.