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February 28, 1996

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Destiny 2, Variety



How they got into gaming

Since he was a young child, iFrostBolt has enjoyed playing video games, beginning with his Super Nintendo System. As he got older, he took part in different sports, studied, and spent his free time exploring various video game genres. He played the various Call of Duty games as a teenager. Though he had initially intended to stop playing video games when he entered college, he changed his mind after seeing Titanfall advertised and deciding that it might be okay to purchase at least one game for his free time. But when he learned that Titanfall was an Xbox-only title, he was disappointed. He decided to go with Destiny 1 instead because he thought it might be a good substitute and because it had a sci-fi feel to it. He had never played one of Bungie's games before and had initially assumed it was a PVE game, so he was pleasantly surprised to learn that it also had PVP modes. Midway through 2014, he gave it a try during its alpha phase and immediately fell in love.

How they got into streaming

When one of his close friends was in college, he would frequently vanish to ""go live,"" and iFrostBolt didn't know what that meant. So, he asked him about it and learned about Twitch and streaming. He started to follow his friend's streams. Late in December 2014, he made the decision to start live-streaming his Destiny 1 6v6 games. This occurred during the expansion of Dark Below. He kept at it because he liked it, and his channel gradually expanded. As soon as the Trials of Osiris were released, his channel really began to take off. He and his streaming friend began assisting their friends in getting through the Crucible because they found it to be simple. This turned into a regular weekend activity centered around each fresh trial.



Glorious Model O (Matte White)


beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro


Intel i9-9900k 16MB Coffee Lake


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti