Owen Davies

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March 29, 1993

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Dota 2, Variety



How they got into gaming

Playing video games on consoles since he was a young child, ODPixel spent most of his teenage years playing Call of Duty with his friends. When he first came across Dota 2 in his late teens, it took him a few matches to get into it, but he quickly fell in love with it and made it his primary game. After playing the game for about two years, he only recently learned about eSports and casting. While he was attending college and studying Music Technology, he started watching games on Twitch in his free time. He had previously worked part-time for a radio station, so he already had experience in the broadcasting industry. Because of his academic background and prior experiences, he was interested in trying to cast Dota 2 matches himself.

How they got into streaming

While still a student, ODPixel started casting with WakeyPixel in February 2014 for amateur DotA tournaments. By offering to do the casting, they got involved. ODPixel asked WackyPixel to join him because he was too nervous to try it alone. Due to their proximity and IRL friendship, they were able to physically cast together. They were given the chance to do so because the industry was still in its infancy at the time. They engaged in casting as a hobby for the first few months. Before their channel attracted more than twenty viewers per stream, it took them about a year and a half. Then, ODPixel accepted an offer from ESL UK to perform a paid weekly broadcasting job. As a result of its success, he continued casting for them for some time. Additionally, the monthly casting slot was made available to them. prior to moving on to the global stage. He believes that the 3h20min-long Beyond the Summit game between Cloud9 and SFZ that he co-casted with @Purge in March 2015 was his big break. Following that match, his Twitter following increased from 500 to 3,000 overnight, and more opportunities began to present themselves to him. He made the decision to leave his job to focus on his casting career after Dream League approached him. Even though it was risky, he decided to take it because he had already finished his degree, had a part-time job, and was still living with his parents at the time.



Sennheiser GSP 500


Sennheiser MK 4