Rachel Hofstetter

Twitch URL


Date of birth

January 8, 1992

Born in

Moses Lake, WA

Current country


Current city

Los Angeles, CA

Marital status


Main game

Among Us




She has a Shiba Inu called ‘Mika.’

How they got into gaming

Valkyrie grew up playing video games with her younger sister. She started out with Super Mario Bros. on the N64 and moved on to PC games soon after.

How they got into streaming

She originally started out posting her gaming highlights, upcoming games she was excited about and paythroughs of vintage games onto her Instagram gaming page in 2014. She managed to attract around 15,000 followers to that page before they started recommending that she try out streaming on Twitch. She had never heard of Twitch before, but decided to try it out anyway in January 2015. She grew quickly enough to quit her job at GameStop in September that year. However, she decided to switch to YouTube in January 2020 after they offered her a lucrative contract to do so. It took a while for her fans to find her, but YouTube has since reported her to be one of the fastest growing gaming channels on their platform as of the NYT interview in April 2021.

Stream overview

Valkyrae is known for her love of posting selfies, being open about the difficulties that she’s faced in life, being a co-owner of 100T, her love of short skirts, her fps and mechanical skills, and collaborative content with other content creators.