Pokimane Talks About Being ‘MIA’ From Streaming

Aug 17, 2023
Pokimane Talks About Being ‘MIA’ From Streaming

After being missing from social media and streaming for some time, Twitch star Pokimane has provided his fans with a long-overdue update.

The most popular female streamer on Twitch and one of the top ten most popular broadcasters overall is Imane “Pokimane” Anys. She notably stopped streaming in 2022, claiming she wanted to focus on other forms of content creation, such as creating videos for TikTok and YouTube vlogs. She hasn’t been as active on Twitch since, but she still streams on a semi-regular basis. She hasn’t streamed on the platform in seven days, and it’s been weeks since she last used her social media accounts. 

That said, Pokimane has occasionally updated her followers on her Instagram stories, where on August 15 she gave a brief explanation of why she hadn’t been posting as frequently. She has reportedly been busy taking care of her mental health and working on projects behind the scenes, according to the streamer. She also mentioned how she just endured a death in her family and how she is now assisting her kin in healing from the tragic loss. 

On August 15, Pokimane updated her Instagram stories with a statement detailing her reasons for being away from social media and streaming. “Sorry I’ve been MIA,” Pokimane wrote. “Just takin’ care of my mental, BTS stuff, and my family since my grandpa’s passing. Will be back soon. Wishing you all well!” 

On August 12, Pokimane first announced this information in a tweet announcing the cancellation of her live for that day. She appears to have taken a significant sabbatical, nevertheless, to be there for her family during this tough time. Although Pokimane has previously taken pauses from streaming, this was an unanticipated sabbatical for the content producer. Fortunately, with her most recent announcement, her supporters are on her side, sending the streamer their sympathies and good wishes.

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